Paulines in Ecuador

Greetings from our Sisters in Ecuador who are very much in need of our prayers!
This past Friday a terrible storm hit the brand new bookcenter that our Sisters in Ecuador just opened in the city of Loja. They had dedicated the entire week to preparing  the newly rented location and returned to Quito grateful for having left the new bookcenter all ready for the grand opening on Monday.
When the Sisters returned to open the bookcenter to the public, they found that most of the bookcenter had been flooded and the majority of the books were totally damaged. They lost almost all their stock.
As you can imagine the Sisters are in a very difficult situation. They had taken out a loan to pay for the initial preparations of the center and to purchase the stock of books and now they have nothing with which to pay back their loan.
Sr. Nubia, the Provincial, traveled yesterday to Quito to visit the city of Loja and determine what can be salvaged. The Sisters have put their faith and trust in God to provide a cooperator or benefactor who will be able to help them financially. The entire province is praying the Pact everyday for this intention and they trust in our prayers too that the Lord will provide and somehow allow that this new bookcenter can be opened in Loja.
God bless you all!
Sr. Maria Ruth--on behalf of our Sisters in Ecuador

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