Paulines in Ecuador

Greetings from our Sisters in Ecuador who are very much in need of our prayers!
This past Friday a terrible storm hit the brand new bookcenter that our Sisters in Ecuador just opened in the city of Loja. They had dedicated the entire week to preparing  the newly rented location and returned to Quito grateful for having left the new bookcenter all ready for the grand opening on Monday.
When the Sisters returned to open the bookcenter to the public, they found that most of the bookcenter had been flooded and the majority of the books were totally damaged. They lost almost all their stock.
As you can imagine the Sisters are in a very difficult situation. They had taken out a loan to pay for the initial preparations of the center and to purchase the stock of books and now they have nothing with which to pay back their loan.
Sr. Nubia, the Provincial, traveled yesterday to Quito to visit the city of Loja and determine what can be salvaged. The Sisters have put their faith and trust in God to provide a cooperator or benefactor who will be able to help them financially. The entire province is praying the Pact everyday for this intention and they trust in our prayers too that the Lord will provide and somehow allow that this new bookcenter can be opened in Loja.
God bless you all!
Sr. Maria Ruth--on behalf of our Sisters in Ecuador

What about the Rosary

What About the Rosary - History and Devotion
          The Rosary, the blessed beads that quietly slip between our fingers as we pray over the mysteries of Jesus’ redemptive life, has an ancient origin.  Most likely its pre-Christian ancestor originated in the ancient East, perhaps in India, and not in the medieval West.  It was and still is a popular prayer device among the Muslims, who use the Arabic term masbahat , which means to give praise.  Devout Muslims used the masbahat  in repeating the attributes of God, just as it was used by the early Christian hermits.  Following the Crusades the Rosary found its way to the West, and the prayer form kept that name.  “Rosary” comes from the Latin rosarium, which means a rose garden Click here to read more 

A Time of Silence

At this stage of great and blind violence the rule of silence is imposed.
Anyway our little voices are stifled by the long and heavy Calvary of (few people) small nation from one side and a complexity that is blocking any diplomatic solution from the other side ....

This small nation is sinking into suffering and pointless violence and still does not see the end ... For over 16 months and the central government is facing in a protracted conflict the successive waves of rebellions who are passing over the authority ....

When getting out in the street of Damascus the men would be crossing angry refugees seeking a refuge and a shortage of assistance.
The lack of charity organizations, the embargo and, the limited available resources, do not help into solving the problem and feed furthermore the anxiety.

Apart from political divisions, the prolonged unemployment and insecurity have
favored the terrible wave of kidnapping of people for ransom.
The person often kidnapped while leaving his school or work, is either a son or a brother or a father of a family who had to continue on working under the fear ...
You have to see the panic and anxiety of the family who struggles to raise the sum of money from relatives, neighbors, friends and parishes to save a son, a brother or a father ...
This bad practice is terrorizing the social and the parish life: the religious practice already weakened is going down again, the children no longer come to catechism and to pastoral activities.
The terrorized families are only thinking of the exodus that is becoming impossible because the closing of the foreign consulates and the official authorities who are banning the families from crossing the borders. It is a depressing situation …

So the Christian minority is turning now to its martyrs who are present in the history and the collective memory … 
 "DO NOT BE AFRAID  ..." John 6.20 says the Lord...
Our Martyrs of Damascus - 1860 were celebrated on July 10, 2012 in a foretaste of the Kingdom...
Summer 2012 + Samir Nassar
                                                               Maronite archbishop of DamascusEmail:

Apocalypse and Resurrection

Damascus, Syria

Dear friends
I will keep on writing as long as I live and as the Internet access is still possible ...
Since Tuesday, July 17, 2012 morning, the battles reached the capital
Damascus using heavy weapons, tanks and helicopters in a crowded city. The destruction is enormous. What a Calvary!
The clashes are taking place in the streets and move from one neighborhood to another. It is impossible to sleep with the fear and the sound of bombs and gunfire of cannons. Summer temperatures are from 42°C (108°F) to 56°C (133°F) and power outages are awful.
Damascus is cut off the rest of the Syrian cities and suffers from many shortages.
The supplies can no longer reach it. We are short of bread, vegetables, live, cooking gas and fuel for bakeries ...
Run for your lives ... Many families are leaving the hot neighborhoods of battles to form an endless chain on the road to Lebanon. Other roads to Jordan, Iraq and north to Homs-Aleppo are closed.
A general feeling of panic is causing the exodus towards Lebanon. I hope the people the will find the proper welcome there … Because the Syrians have so welcomed Palestinian, Lebanese and Iraqis refugees...The few faithful who dared coming to pick up the courage from the mass burned many candles at the tomb of Blessed Martyrs of Damascus. They exchanged farewells and tears before returning running to their homes under the sounds of gunfire and explosions ...
Damascus was spared for 16 months from the violence that tore the other cities of Syria ... her comes our turn to suffer and die.
We just managed to fit in a corner under the stairs to shelter with our neighbors from the bombshells, the caves of the parish have just been cleaned …Provided that the Resurrection will not be late after so much suffering ....

Damascus July 20, 2012.
+ Samir NASSAR
Maronite archbishop of Damascus

Preparing for the 100th Anniversaries of Founding

If you are interested in a Pilgrimage to the place of our foundations in Italy now is the time to express interest. In 2014 we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Pauline Family. In 2015 we celebrate the founding of the Daughters of St. Paul. In 2017 we celebrate the founding of the Pauline Cooperator Association. Keep an on on this blog for Pilgrimage updates.
Sr Margaret