Preparing for the Centenary!

Dear Cooperators,

The preparation of the Centenary of the Foundation of the Pauline Cooperators, of which we informed you in a previous letter, saw the Commission engaged to develop proposals and to initiate projects, which you suggested, that will be communicated shortly.
The events organized by the Commission will have the characteristic of internationality and will be aimed at the Cooperators of all the Congregations of the Pauline Family. During this year of celebration we can not forget, however, national and local realities, that is, the concrete area where you live and carry out your mission with the entire Pauline Family.
What then is the spirit in which to live and celebrate this centenary? Reviewing "movie" of these first 100 years, we realize that it has experienced a twofold story: the chronological dictated by events in their chronological order: the birth of the Association, the first steps, growth in Italy and abroad etc. .; and that written by God through the Association of Pauline Cooperators development: the promotion of the laity that takes the spirituality and the apostolic work of the Pauline Family.

Another aspect that we would like would characterize these celebrations is that of unity of all the Cooperators in the area: we hope that the Cooperators of a nation come together to plan together and in unity with the entire Pauline Family, a program of events and celebrations in order to enhance the knowledge and the value of the Association.
The unifying element of all that you program with your enthusiasm and your zeal in the area will have to be inspired by the theme we have chosen as the theme of this centenary: "You wake up the world with the light of the Gospel." It is true that each of you work on a different area, but all of us, feeling sons of Blessed James Alberione, we live in the time marked by the Church of Pope Francis.

May you be strengthened in your Pauline identity during this year of grace, and recall the same missionary spirit of our Father, St. Paul.

May the Lord bless you all.

Don Valdir José De Castro, ssp  (Father General)
Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan, fsp (Daughters of St. Paul, Superior General)
Sr. M. Regina Cesarato, pddm (Sister Disciples, Superior General)
Sr. Marta Finotelli, sjbp (Sisters of Jesus the Good Shepherd, Superior General)
Sr. Marina Caps, ap  (Queen of Apostles, Superior General)

Rome October 30, 2016
Solemnity of Jesus Christ the Divine Master

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