From Pauline Sisters in Chile Regarding the Earthquake

Paulines and Staff in Chile
Santiago del Cile 2 aprile 2014

A cordial greeting to all of you .
As you know , our country has been hit again by a strong earthquake ( measuring 8.3 on the Richter scale  ) followed by a tsunami . The quake occurred this time in the North, with its epicenter in the ocean, between the cities of Arica and Iquique. The authorities have extended the tsunami warning for the entire coast of the country, as a prevention.
For already 15 days , there had been a succession of tremors in the North (more than 400). They had expected an earthquake of greater magnitude and experts predict that there will still be an even stronger one to come due to the tectonic plate motion .
Chile is the most seismic country of the world, often there are tremors in every part of the territory. Occasionally there are large earthquakes. Despite having a long experience with earthquakes, people still always get scared and many die from heart problems. Many buildings were damaged and as of now, 6 people have died.
Our sisters of Antofagasta and Tocopilla have had to leave their homes and spend the night in shelters located in higher areas , to protect themselves from the threat of tsunami . Thank God nothing has happened and all are doing well.
On the other hand, four of our bookcenters are located in flood hazard areas , but for now have not been affected .
We thank God for the life of our people , and we continue to pray for everyone so that they can overcome the trauma that each earthquake causes and thank you for the prayers that you offer us in solidarity in this difficult time .
Fraternally .
Sr. Iris Pontin and sisters

Delegation of Chile