Pauline Centenary Prayer

Prayer to the Trinity for our one hundred years of service to the Church

you make us shine your light divine, 
receive our joyful praise and blessing, 
for the first hundred years of the life of our Pauline Family.
We thank you , Father of immense tenderness 
for the rich outpouring of grace 
poured out on our family during these years of service to the Church, 
for the wonders of apostolic holiness operated 
in Blessed Alberione, our founder, the Blessed Giaccardo, 
in Maestra Tecla, in Mother Scholastica, 
and many brothers and sisters in the "marvelous Pauline Family", 
we thank you for all the initiatives in the various apostolic sectors, 
through the riches of communication 
have helped you, Father, to the knowledge and worship Thy name 
and show me your glory.
I humbly ask forgiveness , Divine Master, Good Shepherd, 
because we have not always responded generously 
to the needs of our mission, 
because we have not taken the time and care enough 
to know your Word and the depth of our charism, 
to be assigned to more than our abilities and means 
that the gift of your infinite mercy.
I beseech you , Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, 
through the intercession of Mary, Queen of Apostles, 
filled with lively wisdom to guide those who have put 
so that they can clearly discern 
in what ways you want to lead our family; 
inondaci with your breath of life, as in a renewed Pentecost; 
make us able to new prophecy 
to give fulfillment to the dream of our Blessed Founder: Jesus Christ live and donate - as Way, Truth and Life - the men and women of our time, and to be "Paul alive today" in the Church of God

Glory to the Father and to the Son, and the Holy Spirit ...

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